Why Insurance


No matter how you spend your day, you never plan on having an accident. But perhaps you should. An accident can happen to anyone, at anytime.

Whether you are working, at-home, at school or retired, if you experience a debilitating accident or illness that impacts your ability to perform your day to day activities it’s important to consider disability insurance protection.

Who can benefit from disability insurance?

Canadians commonly purchase home and auto insurance to protect their valued assets; however, few people consider the value in protecting their ability to earn an income or their ability to do their day-to-day activities. A disability can affect EVERYONE.

Specialized Insurance for Individual Needs – Small Business Owners, Owner Operators, Full-Time & Part-Time Employees, Seniors, Families, and Students.

  • This is what disability insurance protects …  
  • If you were to become totally disabled tomorrow and couldn’t return to work, how much money would you need coming in on a monthly basis?
  • What if the stay-at-home parent in your household was hurt or sick and couldn’t look after the children, aging parent(s), or household? In addition to any extra costs related to medical treatment help may need to be hired.
  • Seniors are living more active lifestyles. Your monthly budget can be drastically affected while recovering from a disability. Can you afford to draw from your retirement savings if needed?
  • Monthly budgets are tight for students and suffering an unexpected accident or illness, even for a short period of time can result in a financial hardship.

What would you do?

Imagine for a moment that you were to become disabled due to an accident or illness, even for a short period of time. Consider how difficult it would be for you and your family to continue managing your monthly expenses. The reality is that most of us would have trouble paying our bills if our paycheque was delayed, even for one week.

Did you know, the number one cause of mortgage defaults and retirement savings decline is loss of employment due to injury or illness?

Disability insurance is a product that protects your ability to remain financially stable should an accident or injury threaten your ability to work and earn a living.

Why should you consider income protection:

  • An injury resulting in disability will impact your income, making it difficult to pay bills or maintain your standard of living.
  • Worker’s compensation only pays out in work-related accidents.
  • Unemployment insurance typically pays for 15 weeks, which is generally insufficient for serious injuries. Self-employed individuals may not qualify.
  • Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension plan offer only limited benefits.
  • Group coverage typically doesn’t offer enough coverage and may be limited by type of disability.