About Us

Our Mission

Innovative Insurance Agencies is unique in it’s approach to our clients. We provide specialty product lines and team marketing, a concept based on synergy where, by working together, our team of highly trained and professional sales associates accomplishes more than individuals working separately.


Together with over thirty years of direct selling experience with both full time career agents and brokerage outlets, Larry Henderson and Jim Seabrook founded Innovative Insurance Agencies. The partnership has built a large client base and has the management expertise and administrative know how to realize their aim-high goals.

With the rising cost of workers’ compensation, an alternative was becoming necessary. So, in 1993, Innovative Insurance Agencies developed a product to fit a specific need, offering clients affordable income replacement coverage in the form of special products.

In summary, Innovative Insurance has gained credibility and leverage in the industry over the past decades with niche marketing and competitive products. Innovative Insurance is committed to delivering the protection needed today and we want to be a part of your tomorrow.


Innovative Insurance Agencies is one of the leading Canadian sources of Personal Accident & Sickness
Compensation Plans for individuals, families and small businesses licensed to market and sell health
and life insurance in several Canadian provinces.